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Learn More About Cat Boarding for Your Precious Pets

How to Prepare for Cat Boarding During Vacation

Now that vacation season is upon us, cat boarding will pick up for the season. Many pet owners do not want to leave their cats alone for days on end, especially if the vacation spot is many hours away. Some cat owners may opt for loved ones to keep a close eye on pets, but we recommend looking into a boarding facility.

This month we’re going to help cat owners know what to look for when going through with cat boarding. Those in the Roanoke, VA, area may also board their cats with us.


Choosing Between a Cat Sitter or Cat Boarding Facility

Like we mentioned above, some cat owners may opt for a cat sitter instead of boarding their pet. Depending on the sitter, they may stay at your home or just visit on a schedule to keep the cat company. Friends, family members, and professional cat sitters are great options for this. Keep in mind, though, that your kitty will not get the normal attention, especially if they are the only pet. Be sure to leave a list of food, playtime, medications, and other important details so the cat receives proper care.


Make a Checklist to Choose the Right Boarding Facility

If you choose to go to a cat boarding facility, make a checklist for what you want the facility to have. Ask friends and family if they have ever boarded their cat, or call local facilities to see if they have any openings. If you are planning a vacation, we recommend calling right away to make a reservation. Some other tips for choosing a boarding facility include:

Call the facility and ask for a tour. By touring the facility, you’ll be able to see exactly where the cat will stay. You can meet some staff and get an idea on what their stay will be like.

See if they accept other pets. Does your kitty get along with other pets? Do dogs or other cats make them scared and uncomfortable? Let the staff know this. Try to rule out boarding facilities that also take dogs to keep your cat comfortable. While they probably won’t be near each other, barking or the smell of dogs could upset your cat.

Check for licensing. While talking to the staff, see what types of licensing or certifications that they have. Some research may help to know what is best.

Check for cleanliness. During your tour, pay close attention to how clean the boarding facility is. Are litter boxes clean? Is there a smell, or noticeable dirt? What do the kennels look like? If the space looks dirty, move on to the next facility.

Ask if they can distribute medication. If your cat needs medication, make sure to let the kennel staff know right away. They can tell you whether or not their staff is able to give medications.

Check the temperature. We know that summer in Virginia can be warm. Is the kennel climate controlled? Is it too warm or too cold? Make sure your kitty won’t be too warm or cold during their stay. offers a great, in-depth list on how to choose the right cat boarding facility for your pet. Give Veterinarians to Cats a call to check out our own facility in Roanoke, VA.


Make Sure Vaccinations are Up-to-Date Before Cat Boarding

In most cases, your cat will need proper vaccinations before staying at any boarding facility. These vaccines may include rabies and distemper. Be sure to call ahead and find out what vaccines your cat will need before their stay. Many boarding facilities will also require proof of vaccinations.

Veterinarians to Cats offers the necessary vaccines your cat needs to stay healthy. Talk to our staff when learning about boarding to see what we can do for your cat.


Keep in Mind Dietary Restrictions, Medications, and Other Health Issues

When boarding, be sure to let the staff know any medication or health problems your cat may have. Bring any special food, medications, and other health-related items with you to make sure they get proper care. We suggest discussing these factors with the staff first to ensure your cat’s safety and wellbeing during their stay.

At Veterinarians to Cats, our staff has the proper licensing, training, and knowledge to care for all cats. Let us know about any medical conditions your cat has or special attention they need during their stay. Our team will be happy to care for your cat while you’re gone.


Veterinarians to Cats Offers Cat-Only Boarding Services

You are your cat’s world, and it may be upsetting for them to see you go. When planning your vacation, plan to board your cat to keep them well taken care of. Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, offers cat-only boarding services for the area. We will be happy to care for your beloved cats while you are on vacation. Call us today to learn more or to learn about our veterinary care services.


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