Therapeutic Laser Treatment for Cats
In Roanoke, VA

Laser Treatment Offers Cats Relief From Pain and Helps them Heal Faster

Is your cat suffering from pain or discomfort, or recovering from a recent surgery? Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, offers therapeutic laser treatment to help feline patients feel better. We are proud to offer this service to our patients to help them heal and recover more effectively. Laser treatments use a strong beam of light focused into tissues to decrease pain, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and encourage fast healing.

What to Expect During Feline Laser Treatment at Veterinarians to Cats

Laser treatment at Veterinarians to Cats create infrared wavelengths that create a relaxing warm sensation in the affected area. Laser treatments are a great treatment for cats as it is non-invasive and painless. Cats are more sensitive to medicine and do not have the same choices available as other pets. Laser treatments require no medicine at all to perform the procedure. Cats suffering with back pain, arthritis, pain from injuries, and other conditions can find relief with laser treatments. To learn more about therapeutic laser treatment or to schedule an appointment at our practice, contact Veterinarians to Cats at (540) 989-1400.

Laser Therapy is Comforting and Pleasant to Cats

Therapeutic laser treatments require no anesthesia or sedation as they are painless. It does not require any hair removal to perform the treatment allowing your cat to go home the same as they did before the procedure. The warm sensation created by infrared wavelengths is comforting and pleasant for cats. Owners can see improvement in their cat after the first visit. Some conditions may require a few sessions to see the full effect of the treatment. Laser therapy treatments build, after more sessions you will see more benefits. Veterinarians to Cats will recommend the frequency and length of treatment sessions depending on the condition.