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Our Practice is Proud to Provide Veterinary Care to Cats in Floyd, VA

Veterinarians to Cats offers veterinary services to felines in Floyd County, VA. We are always accepting new patients and are dedicated to helping you take care of your cat. We offer high-quality feline veterinary care to all communities including annual check ups, sick visits, dental care, labs, vaccinations, surgery, laser treatments, ultrasound, pharmacy, boarding, and grooming. Our team of veterinarians welcomes you to visit with your cat no matter the age. We enjoy working with all cats from kittens to seniors and any age in between. To schedule an appointment for your feline companion visit our practice in Roanoke, VA, or call at (540) 989-1400.

Veterinarians to Cats Offers a Stress-Free Environment for Felines

Veterinarians to Cats offers a stress-free environment only for cats which will make visiting with your feline friend easier on you as well. Floyd County, VA, residents can depend on our practice for regular appointments or procedures for their cats. Veterinarians to Cats strives to be a resource for everything owners need to know to take care of their feline companions. Whether your question is about nutrition, eating habits, behaviors, daily activities, exercise habits, or playing habits, we are ready to answer them.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Cat at Our Practice Today

Signs of illness or discomfort can often go unnoticed in cats. Even if your cat appears to be fine there could be an underlying illness or disease that may not be obvious. Veterinarians to Cats recommends visiting our practice at least once a year for a wellness check. Making a regular trip to the vet with your cat can allow us to create a better picture of their health, and also give you peace of mind. Do not let your cat suffer in silence, and let us help address medical issues early before they become bigger problems. When we catch illnesses and diseases early, it is easier to treat them and find a cure.

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Veterinarians to Cats Offers Local Care for Felines in Floyd, VA