Cat Boarding & Grooming Services
In Roanoke, VA

Boarding & Grooming Services to Care for Your Cat When You Cannot

Are you going on vacation or a business trip that prevents you from being home to take care of your cat? Veterinarians to Cats offers feline-only boarding and grooming services to help take care of your companion when you cannot. When your cat visits our facility, they will receive the best care in a relaxing environment. Finding a place for your cat to stay while you are gone for more than a few days or a whole week can be stressful. While your cat stays at Veterinarians to Cats, you can have peace of mind knowing our compassionate staff will be there to address your cat’s needs, and make sure they are comfortable. If you are planning a vacation, contact Veterinarians to Cats to reserve a spot for your cat at our boarding and grooming facility while you are away at (540) 989-1400.

Clients Can Relax Knowing Their Cat is Receiving Proper Care

Enjoy your vacation more and let us look after you cat while you are away. At Veterinarians to Cats’ boarding facility, they can enjoy a variety of foods, take relaxing naps, and receive the loving attention to make it feel more like home. While at our boarding facility your cat will stay in a spacious kennel with plenty of room for them to feel comfortable. When you know your cat is receiving proper care, you can also relax.

Professional Grooming Services for Cats in the Roanoke, VA, Area

Is there cat hair everywhere in your house? Does your cat have matted fur? Veterinarians to Cats provides professional grooming services to help take care of these problems. Our grooming area offers different clips at competitive prices to keep your cat looking good. We also offer services for baths, if desired. With regular visits to the groomer, you can prevent your cat’s fur from getting matted and greasy. Our grooming professionals are happy to help keep you cat healthy and well groomed. Since our grooming facility is for felines only, your cat will enjoy a stress free, atmosphere.

Our Grooming Staff Loves Cats and Are Experts in Handling Them

Veterinarians to Cats is proud to offer a grooming facility only for cats in Roanoke, VA, area. Our professional grooming staff are experts in their field and understand how to properly handle cats. When you choose Veterinarians to Cats, you can be confident that your cat is safe while in our care. Let Veterinarians to Cats help your cat look and feel better by scheduling a professional grooming appointment today.