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Veterinarians to Cats Invites Salem Residents to Visit Our Practice

Veterinarians to Cats offers experienced, professional, and specialized veterinary services to cats in the area. Our practice is accepting new patients from the area including Salem, VA, and the surrounding communities. We dedicate our time to providing our feline patients with the best care available, and we look forward to developing a relationship with you and your cat. Specialized services you will find at Veterinarians to Cats include annual check ups, sick visits, dental care, labs, vaccinations, surgery, laser treatments, ultrasound, pharmacy, boarding, and grooming. Cats of all ages from kittens to seniors, will feel safe while visiting Veterinarians to Cats will a stress free feline only atmosphere. To schedule an appointment for your feline companion visit our practice in Roanoke, VA, or call at (540) 989-1400.

Schedule an Appointment for Check ups, Sick Visits, Vaccines and More

Cat owners in Salem, VA, and the surrounding communities can depend on Veterinarians to Cats as their resource for all things related to cats. Our practice offers veterinary appointments for annual wellness exams, sick visits, vaccines, blood work and test, surgeries and many more services. When you visit Veterinarians to Cats, feel free to ask questions or let us know about concerns you have regarding your cat. Veterinarians to Cats is ready to provide the best advice on how to give your cat the best care at home.

Be an Advocate for Your Cat By Visiting Veterinarians to Cats Annually

Veterinarians to Cats recommends visiting with your cat at least once a year for a full wellness check. This allows us to create a full profile of your cat’s health and watch out for signs of illness. Even healthy cats could have a disease, illness or other medical condition, but they cannot tell you themselves. Do not let your cat suffer in silence. Let our professionals assist you in addressing medical issues early before they become bigger problems. When we catch illnesses and diseases early, it is easier to treatment them and find ways to make sure they never come back. 

M-F 8:00am-5:30pm
SAT 8:30am-12:00pm
SUN Closed

Veterinarians to Cats Offers Local Care for Felines in Salem