Feline Veterinarian Care
In Roanoke, VA

Providing the Highest Quality Care to Cats in Roanoke, VA, Area

Veterinarians to Cats commits our time to feline patients, and we strive to provide the highest quality of care for their unique health concerns. We are proud to provide a medical facility designed only for cats in Roanoke, VA. We created our practice with cats in mind, so both our patients and their parents will be more comfortable no matter the reason why they visit. Let us help you solve your cat’s health problems at Veterinarians to Cats. Call us to set up an appointment today for your feline companion at Veterinarians to Cats at (540) 989-1400.

Veterinarians to Cats Focuses on the Unique Medical Needs of Felines

Veterinarians to Cats is the area’s expert on feline medical issues and care based on their specific needs. Our veterinary staff loves working with cats and understand how to handle each patient with a feline focus. Because Veterinarians to Cats is a feline-only practice, we have medicine, treatments, and products designed just for them. We dedicate our time to providing the highest level of care and veterinary medicine to cats along with friendly, compassionate service.

Preventative Care for Cats in Roanoke, VA

Preventative Care is an important step in keeping your cat healthy. Annual visits are a crucial part of keeping your feline friend healthy and can help identify potential concerns before they become bigger problems. Veterinarians to Cats has all the vaccinations your feline companion needs to stay up-to-date and keep diseases away. This is important for indoor and outdoor cats of all varieties. We will let you know which vaccinations are necessary, and which ones you can ignore.