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Importance of Grooming for Your Cat

Does Your Cat Need Professional Grooming?

Many pet owners may not know the importance of grooming for their cat. You may think, “My cat grooms itself. Why bother them with a trip to the groomer or trying to bathe them?” While this is true, some cats may need more grooming attention than others. Some cats, like hairless breeds, will need special attention and care for their skin and what hair they do have. Cats like Persians or domestic long hair breeds will need more care to keep matting and other issues at bay.

A few ways to complete cat grooming may include nail trimming, bathing, brushing, and oral care. Whether you do it at home or enlist a professional groomer, grooming is a crucial part of your pet’s health.

This month we’re going to look into different approaches to cat grooming and how to do it safely. There are some at-home grooming products that are great for cats and will save a trip to the groomer.


Cats Can Only Do So Much Grooming on Their Own

As we mentioned, and as cat owners know, cats do much of their own grooming. Cats will regularly bathe themselves to keep clean and remove any dirt. However, your cat can only do so much when it comes to grooming. You may also find that grooming can lead to more and more hairballs and stomach issues with your cat.

Keep in mind that cats are mainly cleaning their fur. When brushing or bathing, owners can get more dirt off and calm irritations on the skin. Cleaning teeth and ears can also help your cat, but may be best to leave to a professional groomer.


Keep Up with Nail Trimming for Your Cat

One way to groom your cat is nail trimming. Many cats shed their nails when scratching on posts, but they may get uncomfortably long. As Pet MD reminds owners, be sure to only cut the white tips of the nails. Cutting any lower can result in excessive bleeding and pain for your cat. Pet MD also recommends playing with your cat’s paws every so often so they get used to the feeling. If your cat is distressed during nail trimming, it could result in scratches or unintended injury to you or the cat. Playing with your cats paws helps them understand that they are safe during nail trimming, and can make it much easier.

If you have a younger cat, get into the habit early. This way they will quickly become accustomed to nail trimming and other grooming practices.


Bathing, Brushing, and Proper Fur Care for Cats

The thought of placing your cat into water may send chills down your spine. You may worry about their reaction, and have concern for your own hands, arms, and legs. The ASPCA recommends waiting until your cat is the most calm, ideally before bed time. Consider a bath after an intense play session to tire them out, too.

Be sure to use a steady stream of water, like from a hose or a pitcher. Take special care to not get water or bath soap in the kitty’s eyes, nose, or ears. You may place cotton in their ears or place a covering if they allow. Be sure to use cat-friendly shampoos to care for their skin. Read the directions to see if it needs diluted with water before use. If the idea of bathing your cat still makes you uncomfortable, consider a professional groomer. Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, offers feline grooming to keep your cats clean and feeling great. Keep in mind that cats can feed off of energy. If you are upset and anxious during their bath, they will be, too.

If your cat’s fur is matted, carefully brush before the bath. This could help to work up some free hair and reduce the matts. Regularly brushing your cat’s fur, especially if their fur is long, will keep it neat and fresh for longer.


At-home Grooming Products that Can Help

There are some at-home grooming products that can help make the grooming experience easier for you and your cat. You may find these grooming products at your vet’s office or at a pet store. Some of these may include:

Brushing gloves. If your cat isn’t interested in a brush, consider brushing gloves. They may feel more comfortable as you’re petting them and removing stray hairs.

Cat shampoo. As we mentioned, there are many different cat shampoos available. However, some may need diluted with water before use. Always read the directions before applying to your cat.

Cat nail clippers. There are special cat nail clippers that will successfully trim their nails. These clippers are small and can quickly snip off the ends of their nails.

Cleansing wipes. If your cat is against baths at home, look for cat-friendly cleansing wipes. Be sure to read the ingredients or check with your vet to make sure they are safe for your kitty.

De-matting tools. If your cat has long fur that easily matts, look for a de-matting tool. This will safely remove matts and keep your cat’s fur smooth.


Call Veterinarians to Cats to Learn the Importance of Grooming

To learn more about the importance of grooming, or if you need veterinary care in Roanoke, VA, call Veterinarians to Cats. Our trained and skilled staff offers feline grooming services, too, to keep your cat looking and feeling great. We work closely with cat owners to keep cats in great health. Call today for an appointment for cat grooming or to learn more about our services.


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