Finding the Right Cat Carrier for Your Pet

Cat Carriers Should Keep Your Pet Safe

Finding the right cat carrier for your pet can be a challenge. If you have a kitten, there are a few extra things to consider. You want to know that the carrier is large enough and comfortable for your cat. This is especially important if your kitty will be in the carrier for long periods of time.

So, do you know how to find the right cat carrier for your cat? This month, we’re going to explore different options on keeping your cat safe. If your cat is more anxious and doesn’t like the carrier, we’ll also provide a few accommodations. Remember, safety is key.


Things to Look for In a Cat Carrier Before Purchasing

There are a few things to look for before finding the right cat carrier. Make a checklist when going to the pet store to make sure you hit all of the important points. Some things to look for can include:

Opt for plastic if your cat likes to scratch

Multiple entry points

Opens at the top for easy placing and exit

Leak-proof carrier, in case of spills or accidents

Proper ventilation or “windows”

Sturdy, or can hold your cat’s weight

It may be best to visit a pet store to find the carrier, or choose certain filters and weight limits online. This will ensure that you find appropriate cat carrier options. If you are unsure about the best type of cat carrier, speak with your veterinarian. Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, is happy to discuss different options to keep your cats safe.


Find the Right Size of Cat Carrier

The first step in finding the right cat carrier is knowing that it is the right size. PetMD recommends a cat carrier that allows your cat to stand without crouching. If you are going on a long car ride, make sure that the carrier can fit food and water. Cat owners with kittens may decide to get a carrier that it can grow up with. This can also help to calm carrier anxiety as the kitten ages.

It’s possible to buy a cat carrier that is too large. You want to make sure that the cat can’t be jostled around while walking or in the car. Adding blankets or towels can help to make the carrier more comfortable and take up space. Before using the cat carrier during a long trip, make sure your cat fits properly inside it. If they do not, be sure to find a larger or smaller carrier for the trip.


Anxious Cats May Need Accommodations to the Carrier

Some cats are more anxious than others and don’t respond well to change. There are a few accommodations you can make to the carrier to keep your cat comfortable. PetMD recommends placing a towel, toy, or blanket that smells like home to help the cat feel safe. That way, the cat will have a positive association with the carrier.

Let the carrier stay out in the open for the cat to explore. If they see it daily and can play with it, they may feel better when it’s time to go. Make sure to remove any tags or anything that may make noise and scare the cat.


“Can I Leash Train My Cat Instead?”

Some cat owners may decide to leash train their cat. While it depends on the cat, we suggest still using a cat carrier when going on trips. Carriers will keep your cat safe while in the car or during a trip to the vet. Your cat’s safety is the most important concern during these experiences. When on a leash, they are open to the world. This means that dogs, cats, and other pets can easily get to your cat when out. Consider training your cat with a carrier, too, instead of solely relying on a leash.


How to Safely Transport Your Cat in the Carrier

Safety is key with cat carriers. There are a few ways to ensure that your cat is safe while transporting them in their carrier. A few tips for making sure your cat is safe include:

Double-checking that all exits are zipped or clasped shut

The carrier is the right size

There are no tags or sharp objects on/in the carrier

The carrier sits flat on the vehicle floor, or is safe for belting in the back seat

Only one cat is in the carrier

There are no worn spots

The carrier can hold your cat’s weight

Does your carrier meet these requirements? Then you can feel better about placing your cat inside it when on the go. If you notice any problems, like broken zippers, worn spots, or other issues, it’s time to buy a new carrier.


Veterinarians to Cats Helps with Finding the Right Cat Carrier

Did you recently adopt a cat or kitten in the Roanoke, VA, area? Veterinarians to Cats is here to answer any cat-care questions you may have. We can listen to your concerns and help to determine if your cat carrier is best for your kitty. Finding the right cat carrier can feel like a challenge. This can be especially true for first-time cat owners. Veterinarians to Cats also provides feline vet care and additional services to keep pets healthy. Call us today!


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