Black Cat Awareness Month

Veterinarians to Cats Says There’s Nothing Spooky About Black Cats

Did you know that October is Black Cat Awareness Month? Every year, Veterinarians to Cats and many others celebrate black cats and work to break any negative superstitions towards them. For many years, black cats have had a dark cloud surrounding them. People feel like they bring bad luck, and we can see many black cats abandoned. This month we’re going to explain the importance of Black Cat Awareness Month and how you can help. We’ll even explore some of the “good luck” black cats can bring to your life!


History of Black Cat Superstitions

One way to support Black Cat Awareness Month is to understand the history and superstitions surrounding black cats. But where did these superstitions begin? The Spruce Pets states that in medieval times, people reported that a black cat had gone into the house of a witch. Many years later, we still see associations of black cats and witches.

According to the Animal Rescue Professionals Association, the superstitions surrounding black cats are both good and bad. Some cultures, like in Scotland, Japan, and in Celtic mythology, black cats are good luck. In many Western cultures, black cats are thought to be associated with witches and bring bad luck.

As you can tell, these poor associations with black cats can cause a lot of problems, and have throughout history. The Animal Rescue Professionals Association also reports that Pilgrims would try to kill black cats. This is the same for people they caught around a black cat. They thought the person could be a witch or demonic, leading to punishment and sometimes death. During the Salem Witchcraft Trails of the 17th century, prosecutors frequently hurt and killed black cats, too.


According to Lore, Black Cats Can Also Bring Good Luck

As we mentioned above, both good and bad lore surrounds black cats. We’re going to move our focus on the “lucky” side of black cats. The Spruce article above lists a few examples of how cultures see black cats as good luck:

Asia and United Kingdom: Your life will be lucky with a black cat

Japan: You’ll have better luck finding love

England: Brides who receive black cats will have luck in their marriage

France: Positive magical happenings occur when around black cats

We hope that this Black Cat Awareness Month you can also focus on the lucky side of black cats.


A Scary Subject: Black Cats and Halloween

Many people recognize black cats as being a big part of Halloween decorations and festivities. This can stem from the superstitions above having to do with bad luck, demons, and witches. Some people will even adopt black cats strictly for Halloween parties, photos, or rituals. They then harm the cats or return them to the shelter.

Part of Black Cat Awareness Month is to stop things like this from occurring. When adopting a cat, it can be a 15- to 20-year commitment. If you’re thinking about adopting a black cat, or any cat, keep this in mind. Those planning to use black cats as décor can opt for stuffed cats or photos.


How to Protect Black Cats from Harm

There are some ways to protect black cats from harm this Black Cat Awareness Month, and year-round. Are there any stray black cats in your neighborhood? Call a no-kill shelter in your area, and post missing/found cat signs. Post on social media that you have found a black cat to see if anyone is missing them.

Black cats are commonly avoided in shelters and pet stores. If you’re looking for a new kitty, consider adopting a black cat. They are just like any other cat, and will be happy for a new home.

Halloween is a big time for black cat abuse. If you see stray black cats, keep an eye on them. If you see any signs of abuse towards black cats, or any animals, report it. During Halloween time, you may notice an influx of marketing with black cats or increase in adoptions. This is great, but sometimes puts black cats in danger. Animals cannot stand up for themselves like humans can. If you see a hurt cat, call a veterinarian or shelter and have someone get them.


Black Cats Are Just Like Any Other Cat

As we mentioned above, black cats are just like any other cat. They do not come with any bad luck, but we can argue the good luck any cat will bring you. Many cats enjoy their owners and bring lots of love into their homes. Instead of passing by a black cat in the shelter, take some time to pet and play with them if possible. You’ll quickly see that this kitty is just the same as all of the other ones.


Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke Promotes Black Cat Awareness

Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, loves all cats, no matter their color or breed. We love to meet all of the black cats that walk through our doors. Help us this month in promoting black cat awareness! Consider donating to animal shelters, helping stray black cats, or, if appropriate, consider adopting a black cat yourself.

Veterinarians to Cats provides feline vet care and other veterinary care to cats. We also offer boarding and other needed services. Call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.



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