Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching and Biting Me

Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching and Biting Me?

Understand Your Cat’s Behavior with Veterinarians to Cats

Why does my cat keep scratching and biting me? Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA, can answer this question in this month’s blog. Many times, you may not be happy with your cat’s behavior. However, you may be missing important information. Bad behavior can happen for a variety of reasons, including people, surroundings, or other animals. Here’s a more in-depth look:


Your Cat May Just Be Acting in a Playful Fashion

Cats are natural predators and enjoy playing with toys or other animals in that fashion. However, when they don’t have an outlet for this energy, they turn to their owners. This can involve biting or scratching as a way to engage in “playful” behavior.


They Could Be Dealing with Anxiety or Other Health Issues

Cats can also bite or scratch when they feel threatened or afraid, due to loud noises, unfamiliar people or animals, or sudden movements. In some cases, cats may also become anxious with changes in their environment or routine. There are rare cases where cats may bite or scratch due to underlying health problems. These can include dental issues, pain, or discomfort.


Your Cat May Be Overstimulated

Cats have a threshold for physical contact, and when this threshold is exceeded, they may bite or scratch to communicate their discomfort. This can happen when petting or playing with your cat becomes too intense or goes on for too long. Cats may love people, but sometimes, it’s best to let them have alone time.


There Are Many Ways to Reduce the Risk of This Behavior

Give your cat plenty of play time and exercise. This reduces the risk of boredom or restless behavior. Keep an eye on their body language, which may be a sign of health trouble. You should also create clear boundaries to keep activity in its limits. If you need further ideas, reach out to Veterinarians to Cats to discuss your cat’s needs.

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