Pet Cancer Awareness

Veterinarians to Cats Helps You Keep Your Cat in Good Health

Call the experts at Veterinarians to Cats when you have questions about pet cancer awareness. You know the importance of staying ahead of a possible cancer diagnosis for your health. Your pets require the same attention. Our furry friends aren’t strangers to this disease, either. May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and here are some ways to keep your cat one step ahead.


What Are the Most Common Cancers My Cat Could Have?

There are four common pet cancers that your cat could have at any time. They are Lymphoma, Fibrosarcoma,  Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Mammary Tumors. Not all cats have the same symptoms for this disease. The most common you’ll see are:

You Notice Changes in their Eating Habits
They Experience Weight Loss or Gain
They Have Difficulty with Litter Box Use
They Have a Lack of Energy

Because of the nature of cancer, tumors or unusual growths could show up as a sign of cancerous growth. One out of five cats are diagnosed with this disease. Check out Pets Best Pet Health Insurance for more information.

What Causes Cat Cancer, and How is it Treated?

Cats, much like humans, don’t have one single cause of cancer. It depends on the combination of genes and their environment. Your best chance for treatment is to notice your pet’s behavior. You know how they act every day. Make sure you keep an eye out for odd growths or neoplasia. Keep in mind that sometimes they’re not cancer at all. If the growth is slow, that’s when you should act.

Veterinarians to Cats Helps You Stay Ahead with Your Cat’s Health

If you have questions regarding your cat’s risk of pet cancer, contact Veterinarians to Cats in Roanoke, VA. We know that seeing your furry friend sick is an uneasy time. That’s why we use the latest techniques for examination and treatment. Contact us today for an appointment to keep your cat healthy.

Do you have questions regarding your cat’s risk of pet cancer? Give Veterinarians to Cats a call at (540) 989-1400. Follow us on Facebook for more updates. We are happy to discuss pet cancer awareness.