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Caring for Multiple Cats

Veterinarians To Cats is Here to Help You with Your Multi-Cat Household

If you want help with caring for multiple cats, Veterinarians To Cats in Roanoke, VA, is ready to assist you. If you are a person who wants a multi-cat household, there are some challenges that you should understand. While we encourage you to welcome as many cats as you want into your home, you should really only adopt the number that you can handle. Here are some great tips for caring for multiple cats.


Give Your Cats the Space That They Need to Live and Thrive

Make sure that your cats have the resources and space that they need. Cats can be territorial and need their own area. Depending on the number of cats in your household, one feeding area maybe sufficient or you may need to set up a couple of food and water locations. For a multi-cat household, you should also have one litterbox per cat plus an extra one.


Give Them the Individual Attention That They Need

No matter how many cats you own, each has their own needs for interaction. Give each cat individual time and attention. Let them interact with the other cats in the house, too. This creates an environment in which each cat can live and thrive.


Introduce Them at a Slow Pace

Cats have a tendency to become territorial. When they see an unfamiliar cat, they may turn defensive. Gradually introduce your new addition to your other cat(s). This helps them to build trust in the other cat. Start by putting them into separate rooms. Give the new cat comfortable blankets and towels to rest on. Use a brush or rag to create a group scent and use food and toys to help them to become acquainted.


Make a Plan for Their Health at Veterinarians To Cats

Our veterinarians will help your cats with everything from illnesses to routine checkups. You can stay ahead of possible health issues and help your cats to live long, happy lives. When you need quality healthcare for your cats, reach out to our office for an appointment.


When you need help as a multi-cat household, call Veterinarians to Cats at (540) 989-1400. Follow us on Facebook for updates and more great information. We are ready to share more tips for caring for multiple cats.